Fat for Fit 2: For Easy Weight Loss, Vibrant Health and Athletic Performance

By Su

This is the second article in a series dedicated to Fat aka Ketogenic diet. This dietary approach (that might seem new, but in reality is very old), when this weight loss program is implemented correctly leads to easy hunger-free weight loss and maintenance, improved health and athletic performance plus a long disease free life.

weight loss program

In the previous article (Fat for Fit. Fat for Fat) we talked about the right kinds of fats. Ones that make us fit and healthy and the ones that makes us fat and sick.

I’ve been on Fat Diet for a few months now. Not only being super lean all the time (leaner than usual, 15-17 % body fat) became easy and effortless, but also, I noticed, my teeth got whiter and stronger, my skin got really smooth and no lotions were required anymore. I don’t have any skin breakouts, no zits even during my “special” days. I don’t have uncontrollable hunger, when I feel like binging. I eat once daily and it’s really easy to fast for a day or two, when I feel like it. I never have mood swings anymore. No about-to-faint or hitting-the-wall during exercise, no matter how long or intense. My mind is really clear all the time.

I trained harder than I ever trained before.

10 K run or hike daily. Plus 2 hours of weight training and stretching.

I got really strong. Dumbbell shoulder press got to 12 kg – I never did that before.

I can do 200 pushups and 200 assisted pull-ups in 20 minutes.

When I train I just go, and go, and go. And it doesn’t seem like I have the limit. Except, when I train like crazy, my muscles get really sore the next day. But that ends in a day or two.

More and more I feel like a superhuman.

I also require less sleep now. Everything heals very fast. I used to get cold sores all the time. I don’t remember having one in a while! It’s amazing, when I compare how I felt before and how I feel now daily. How much more energy I have. Mental focus and clarity. Health.

And the best part? I can eat all the healthy fats I want during this weight loss program!

Healthy rich chocolate, fatty natural ice-cream, all the coconut milk I want, healthy chocolate mousse, fatty fish that I love so much, macadamia, pine and brazil nuts – I love those. It’s great! In this article I want to share few practical tricks/tools/pieces of advice to help you to make Fat diet work for you. Too many people fail, on what they believe is fat or ketogenic diet. When in fact they just do the wrong thing.

1.High Fat aka Katogenic Diet is the diet, where fat is your major calorie and nutrition source. It means that about 70-80% of your total calorie intake comes from fat. About 15 – 20% from protein, and about 10% only from healthy carbs – vegetables, low carbohydrate fruits and berries, nuts.

weight loss program

This is the number one rule you need to follow to benefit from high fat weight loss program!

2.High Fat diet is NOT a High Protein diet. Your major energy and nutrition source is fat, not protein. It’s a common misconception and also a very common reason for failures on the supposedly High Fat diet. In fact, you can feel quite sick after some time on a protein diet and it’s not sustainable for many reasons.

Let me just mention it one more time here. If you are on a high protein diet and failing, convinced that low carb diets don’t work – think again and start eating good quality fats instead of excess protein to improve the situation.

3.If you’ve been eating high carb diet for most of your life, don’t expect your body to switch in an instant and start efficiently metabolizing fats. You’ll go through a withdrawal period, especially if you are used to regularly consuming processed carbohydrates. You’ll go through an adaptation period (known as keto-adaptation), during which your body gets used to fat metabolism instead of carb metabolism. Before you get back to feeling normal and start improving dramatically (especially when it comes to athletic performance), 2-4 weeks will pass. Don’t expect becoming a superman earlier.

The major benefit of this weight loss program: You’ll experience weight loss and health improvements the first day. But major benefits and changes won’t happen till later.

weight loss program

4.There’s a few “small” details you need to be aware of, when switching to Low-Carb High-Fat diet, if you want to succeed and get long-term health benefits.

Sodium loss and consumption. Because you’ll be holding much less water and sodium due to low carb diet, you might need to supplement with 2-3 grams of good quality salt (preferably something like Himalayan salt that also has other trace minerals including: sulphate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate, strontium, and fluoride).

Also some might need to supplement with potassium and magnesium, during the adaptation period, because the body will lose lots of water and some essential minerals at first.

If you feel lousy – light-headed, dizzy, constipated, low on energy, about to faint, or having cramps – don’t think you need carbs. Carbohydrate is the nutrient our body needs the least from foods, just make sure you get enough sodium and your levels of magnesium and potassium don’t dip too low.

5.The last piece of advice I will give is this – make sure you eat enough, especially if you train a lot. Fat and protein are more satiating than carbs, and you might feel full, not really hungry but still low on energy and weak.

Make sure to eat good quality foods, get adequate amount of healthy fats in your diet, necessary amount of protein (at least 0.8 g of protein per 1 kg of body mass), and keep your minerals in check. This should apply no matter what weight loss program you follow. Now equipped with practical knowledge you can try Fat/Ketogenic diet risk free and enjoy all the amazing benefits!

You’ll experience easy weight loss, vibrant health, abundant lasting energy, great athletic performance, to name a few.

For more recipes and menu plans I’d recommend checking out these websites and books:

  • http://www.ketogenic-diet-resource.com – Discover the science behind it plus meal plans, research and recipes.
  • http://ketodietapp.com/Blog/post/2015/03/08/Ketogenic-Diet-FAQ-AllYou-Need-to-Know – This amazing website I stumbled upon answers all your questions without the heavy scientific detail, plus features recipes, a mobile app, ketogenic (carbs/fats/proteins) calculator and more.
  • http://www.artandscienceoflowcarb.com/ – Place where you can find all the science you’ll ever need on Ketogenic diets, health and athletic performance on a low carbohydrate diet.Get educated and make the High Fat lifestyle enjoyable and sustainable for a lean, healthy, active long life! In the next article we will talk about Ketogenic diet as a method to treat metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, seizures, mental disorders and more.

Read it! Use it! Lose it!

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