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Whether you are seeking greater meaning and fulfilment, looking to improve your athletic performance or you simply want to reduce anxiety and stress, then Thanyapura’s meditation and mindfulness is for you.

Mind training can assist with your physical stamina and also help high-pressure corporate executives, employees, athletes and individuals to enhance productivity and creativity while helping to reduce and manage stress.

Thanyapura’s Mind Trainers will guide you in achieving mental balance & well-being through cultivating and integrating the balance in these four areas of mind: Attention, Cognition, Emotion, Conation (desire to perform an action).

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Thanyapura offers the opportunity to guide you to tranquility and inner clarity.

While you enjoy an environment of peace and silence, you learn to apply breathing and mind control techniques that gradually lead to a natural state of consciousness of deep stillness and clarity and bring the nervous system to balance.

  • RETREAT REQUIREMENTS: There are no particular prerequisites nor the need for previous physical preparation to successfully enjoy the retreat.
  • RETREAT CONDITIONS: During the retreat, in order to enjoy a fulfilling period of quietness and serenity, there will be no use of electronic communication and maintaining an atmosphere of silence between the participants is warmly recommended.

“Training the mind is crucial if we want to cultivate wholesome qualities; such as vigilant attention, emotional balance, inner peace, compassion and wisdom.”

– Matthieu Ricard.

Mind Training Classes

  • The nature of my work (in difficult and often conflict countries) means I carry a lot of mental baggage. And stress. At the same time, a previous visit to Thanyapura convinced me the mind was a key for me to excel at my chosen sport (tennis). I hoped to leave the 7 day programme with a sense of mental calm, and some specific tips to improve my tennis.

    Zahir Dasu Diplomatic Service (UK)

Mind Training For Sports

Coaches and experts agree that at the highest levels of athletic performance, the discipline of the mind is the critical deciding factor between winning and losing. Extensive research has shown that the athletic mind accounts for up to 90 percent of what differentiates the average athlete from the standout performer.

Just as effective physical training adapts the body to physical challenges, effective mind training enables an athlete to adapt to the mental challenges of sporting performance.

  • Improve performance under pressure
  • Reduce and manage stress, anxiety and fear
  • Increase focus and reduce distraction
  • Reduce the impact of mental fatigue on performance
  • Learn to maintain motivation over long periods of time
  • Create the foundations for attaining “flow”

How Sports Mind Training Works:

Thanyapura’s Sports Mindfulness programs directly address three critical areas, the keys to athletic success: focus, awareness and emotional intelligence. Athletes will have the opportunity to engage in processes specifically designed to systematically assess their mental and emotional fundamentals.Thanyapura mind trainers then work directly with the individual to create a blueprint for taking their performance to the next level. Athletes will be provided with the mental techniques and exercises necessary to create the optimal performance mind set: a synchronisation of intense focus and mobile awareness, simultaneously capable of superior patience, greater resilience, and focused action.

Mindfulness Advice

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